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Aggressive Representation In Spousal Maintenance Matters.

Spousal maintenance is financial support paid by one spouse to the other. It can be requested as part of a divorce proceeding or action for a legal separation.  Whether spousal maintenance is granted depends on a number of factors including age, health, financial resources of the person requesting maintenance, standard of living during the marriage, length of marriage, future earning capacity, time necessary to gain education and training to find appropriate employment and the ability of one spouse to pay support to the other while meeting his or her own monthly expenses.

Colorado does have guidelines for determining temporary maintenance pending the finalization of a divorce and recently enacted a law for guidelines for permanent or rehabilitative spousal maintenance.  The new spousal maintenance guidelines went into effect January 1, 2014.  It is only a guideline and not a presumption as is the temporary maintenance law. So it remains to be seen how consistently this new law will be applied.

Spousal maintenance issues have always been among the most complicated to resolve in divorce cases.  Each family has their own unique financial history.  You want an attorney who knows the case law surrounding spousal maintenance and can present the details necessary to prove your case for or against spousal support.

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